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Project type: Group 

Brief sponsor: Alpha powered by Telefónica (digital service/ sustainable)

Design tool: Interview, Persona, User journey, Stakeholder map, Storyboard, HMW, Service blueprint, Sketch app, Adobe After effect

Idea video


Happiness & Health in the age of Human Hacking

Alpha is a Moonshot Factory – an innovation facility created by Telefonica in 2016. Its mission is to deliver breakthrough solutions to address the greatest challenges in the health sector worldwide with a focus on reducing chronic diseases by increasing people's happiness and enabling positive behaviour change.


Partnering with Alpha, we worked on designing services to help people improve and balance the agency they have (or could have) upon their lives so they can be healthier and happier. On the given horizon of 5 to 10 years, we focussed on data and currency. 

According to the World Health Organization report, 1/4 of chronic disease was caused by being sedentary. The Chinese government raised reform healthcare system to improve public wellbeing. However, there are millions of office workers who spend over half of day time sitting on the chair, and they show low motivation toward physical activities and are lack of engagement.  Sedentary become a serious health problem for society.

"I have no time to go to the gym. After a long working time, I will feel tired and tend to watch fun videos rather than do exercise" said by an interviewee who is a technology company manger.


How might we break the work-style as lifestyle cycle for desk-based people in a fun way by leveraging data currency as incentives?

What is Beicoin?

Beicoin is a mission-based platform provided which is designed for the Chinese government in order to transform the sedentary behaviours into a healthy lifestyle. It enables people to earn virtual coins called Beicoin to pay for National Insurance or health-related products, by completing missions that involve physical activities.


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