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Project type: Group

Brief sponsor: Private bank (non-disclosure agreement)

Design tool: Interview, Professionals-based research, Persona, User journey, Stakeholder map, HMW, Service blueprint, Wireframe, Sketch app, Adobe XD

Concept walkthrough video


As a large scale of intergenerational change, according to a recent Cerulli report that predicts the transfer of a total of $68 trillion in wealth over the next quarter-century. From the interview, we found that not all of the young high net worth individuals are comfortable with their money and have enough financial knowledge o manage their money. Those successful individuals are looking for support to help them reach their goal.

However, the traditional model of client engagement and especially marketing no longer is appropriate for the young generation. From on-boarding to reuse, the overloaded paperwork and information cause a bad experience for young individuals who tend to more self-directed and have less loyalty toward the bank. The worse experience leads them more prone to change their bank. 


How might private banker deliver a more personalized and enriching client experience via a holistic marketing strategy to build a long relationship with the young generation?

What is Trifolium?

Trifolium is the design toolkit which leverages the private bank asset to shape a frictionless onboarding experience for High-net-worth-individuals.

Service proposition

  • Transform the relationship to a membership

  • Empower communication and  personalization via real-time update and management 

  • Efficient support multiple clients to provide goal-based information

  • Build trust basing on transparency and seamless support

  • Reduce friction in all aspects of engagement and through right channels

Design process

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