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Project type: Group

Brief sponsor: KERB (Food market)

Design tool: Interview, Co-creation workshop, Persona, User journey, Stakeholder map, Storyboard, HMW, Service blueprint, Wireframe, Sketch app, Adobe After effect, Adobe Premiere...etc

Background video


How might we encourage office workers engaging the interaction in the community to build a sense of loyalty toward the food market and improve local cohesion?

What is Kerb-mate?

Kerb-mate is a gamification integrated kit which could facilitate the interactions among people in Paddington in order to increase the loyalty toward the market brand

Design process

01. Discover stage

We conducted interviews with stakeholders including expert of policy sector and the representatives from Kerb, street interview with local users in the Paddington area. Then we had an initial understanding of the street food market from policy, marketing and user aspects. According to industrial research and persona, we decided our design target group who is office workers in Paddington.

02. Define stage

Through the one-day trader experience, we explored how trader plans their business and their one-day journey. We mapped their experience to the end-user journey and found the pain points and needs. The problem statement focus on improving the interactions among the local Paddington community.

03. Develop stage

To come up with innovative concepts for this project, we used crazy 8's and storyboard to brainstorm in an agile way. The ideas concept could be categories into digital or physical activities. We roleplayed these concepts to other designers and collected feedback from them.

04. Deliver stage

We presented low fidelity physical idea prototype to key stakeholders, including trader, a representative from Kerb and the expert of the policy sector. Regarding the useful feedbacks, we iterate the idea. In the end, we designed high fidelity idea walkthrough video, service blueprint and business caravans.

Feedback from Kerb 

"Kerbmate took a problem of how to engage with our customers and came up with many ideas based on clever and insightful research. There was a huge range of practical, well thought through ideas that would be applicable and on-brand if we were to implement them.  This group was full of talent with a clear technical knowledge of how to produce and execute a project" 

                        - Rob, the representative from Kerb

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